Law of Sin and Death

Jesus Broke, removed, abolished the The Law of sin and Death

If you believe in Jesus, your sins have been REMOVED from you and your account with God

Not covered over but REMOVED

Therefore you ARE the SAME Righteousness AS God, in Christ Jesus

With NO SIN in you, on you, as GOD the Judge sees you

(even if you are sinning right this minute!)


With God its one or the other, NOT both

Clean with life or unclean with death

Jesus paid our price

“This IS MY BLOOD Shed for YOU and for ALL Men

FOR THE FORGIVENESS OF (all your) Sins” (parenthesis mine)

This is the Ministry of Reconciliation God has given each one of us

Death and destruction, which entered because of sin, NO LONGER belongs to the Believer!

The Broken Body and Shed Blood of Jesus

IS MORE POWER FILLED than everything in this world

The Name of Jesus contains His Broken Body and Shed Blood

The Name of Jesus IS more Power Filled than ALL you face

Every thing can be named MUST BOW to the NAME OF JESUS

Cancer, death, finances, ALL means ALL

Take Heart Dearest ONE, You have not been abandoned

The Jesus of your Salvation is near

God has written Him on your Heart and in your Mouth

That YOU may have all that has been Promised

Jesus is the Proof, Jesus IS the Feast to strengthen your mind and your mortal flesh

Shine On!!!     Laurie


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