Insert Your Name Here

In the Great Courtroom of Heaven

With Creator Judge God presiding

Jesus stood naked and without defense

When God called my sin to be accounted for

Jesus said, I am her, I did those things, I am here to pay for my crimes

And so it was, Jesus took my place

Was beaten, whipped, shamed and humiliated in my name

HE was turned into the hamburger I had earned

It is the reason Paul was able to say we died with Christ

Jesus did not just become identified with man

He did not just become man

He took the name and the punishment of every man

All the way back to Adam, where the Law of sin and death started

It is the reason we can be certain of our forgiveness

Jesus by an Act of Love, His Good Will, by His choice

CHOSE to take MY (your) name and die MY (your) death


You are virgin territory to sin

As the God sees you in Christ, you have NEVER harmed any man

Nor broken any Law of God

Jesus died as you and me

This is the surety upon which we stand

Shine On!!!    Laurie


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