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Trading Places

Jesus took My Name

Jesus took my punishment as if He were me

Jesus took my place in hell


Jesus became sin

The only place for sin upon death was hell

Jesus took up His (my) residence in hell

Hell was/ is the eternal place of separation from the Goodness of God

Jesus as sin, as my sin, took up my residence in hell


That is not the end of the story

Because Jesus was THE Sacrificial Lamb, trusting the Word of the Father

He was raised from the dead and given New Life

And just so, as He paid the price in my name

He has conferred/ given me His Name in His Resurrection

HE took my name and punishment and

Gave me His Name

His Name

His Glorious, Unblemished Name

So I can be as He is

So I can make the same claims upon the Father

God said to bring Him to Remembrance

It is a part of Covenant talk as we take Communion

We REMEMBER the Great Exchange

Death and torture for Life and Peace

The Broken Body and Shed Blood of our Savior

Shine On!!!   Laurie


Law of Sin and Death

Jesus Broke, removed, abolished the The Law of sin and Death

If you believe in Jesus, your sins have been REMOVED from you and your account with God

Not covered over but REMOVED

Therefore you ARE the SAME Righteousness AS God, in Christ Jesus

With NO SIN in you, on you, as GOD the Judge sees you

(even if you are sinning right this minute!)


With God its one or the other, NOT both

Clean with life or unclean with death

Jesus paid our price

“This IS MY BLOOD Shed for YOU and for ALL Men

FOR THE FORGIVENESS OF (all your) Sins” (parenthesis mine)

This is the Ministry of Reconciliation God has given each one of us

Death and destruction, which entered because of sin, NO LONGER belongs to the Believer!

The Broken Body and Shed Blood of Jesus

IS MORE POWER FILLED than everything in this world

The Name of Jesus contains His Broken Body and Shed Blood

The Name of Jesus IS more Power Filled than ALL you face

Every thing can be named MUST BOW to the NAME OF JESUS

Cancer, death, finances, ALL means ALL

Take Heart Dearest ONE, You have not been abandoned

The Jesus of your Salvation is near

God has written Him on your Heart and in your Mouth

That YOU may have all that has been Promised

Jesus is the Proof, Jesus IS the Feast to strengthen your mind and your mortal flesh

Shine On!!!     Laurie


Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Yup, and it has nothing to do with bathing, or housework

It is By His Blood we are clean, Holy, blameless, completely acceptable, in the Sight of The Just, and Holy, Righteous God

Jesus’ Blood, for us believers, has washed us cleaner than the driven (purest white) snow

Oh how the enemy has used these words to dog Gods Children

As a Believer in Jesus Christ and Him Crucified, we are pristine, virginal territory, as God sees us, a place (person) where our sins have been wiped out as they never existed

This being TRUTH, the curse, dis-ease, destruction, death, all things of the enemy and sin HAVE NO POWER, RIGHT, OR AUTHORITY, over the Believer

You have not sinned in the Eyes of God thru the Blood of Jesus

The curse causeless does not come, yup


Has Declared IN HIS BLOOD

I AM Sinless (YOU are Sinless)

Therefore, Dearest One

The curse is NOT yours

You ARE Clean

You ARE the Righteousness of God IN Christ Jesus

It’s the Shed Blood of Jesus, not us or our deeds

Shine On!     Laurie

Communion Covenant

Communion is the Emblem, Symbol of the New Covenant

It is the way by which we Remember the Truth

The Person of Jesus, who IS Truth

Communion was ordained as an Act of Faith

To inspire us with the Remembrance and Recognition of the Blood Shed for this Covenant

Not my Blood, His Blood

Yet it is mine too as I died with Christ and AM Risen in Him

We Remember the Covenant made in and by the Blood of God

A Covenant that CAN NOT EVER be broken

Communion asks us to recognize the Price Paid and to use that Price as our Mirror

It is our Stated Value, from Father God and Jesus, by the Power of the Holy Spirit

Your Stated Value!

You are Worth THIS MUCH, a Price that can not be counted

Communion assists us in finding what is real, versus the imaginings of our world

Communion is Remembering the Covenant

Shine On!!!     Laurie

Of Wheat and Grapes

Wheat and grapes crushed beyond recognition

No longer resembling their former selves, now Bread and Wine

Jesus crushed to smithereens, BY HIS CHOICE

This is the Immeasurable Gift, the Immeasurable Price

This is the Love by which He First Loved us

Remembering the Price Paid, the Ransom given

I am reminded that as far and exceeding as the Price WAS

It was done because of the Value God placed on Me and My Life

Jesus would tell you, He would do it again, To Bring YOU Home

This is Your Value, Your Worth, to the Creator of all the Universe

Dearest One, the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit find you of Great Worth

You are indeed a Treasure worth “selling all for” (like the man who found the pearl in the field)

Your worth and value are in the Eye of the Beholder, Jesus

And He has proven by the very price He paid, just how much a Treasure YOU ARE

Shine On!!!     Laurie

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It Pleased the Father

It please the Father to bruise Him (Jesus)

And it Pleased Jesus to BE bruised

Proof that it was in Jesus’ Will to take the Divine Punishment, including the punishment of man…

You find it in His Words, I lay down My Life, NO ONE Takes it from Me…

That includes the Father

Jesus agreed to the Terms of the New Covenant

Long before there was a man

Lets be clear, Father God was NOT Happy to put Jesus thru the ordeal, on earth or in Heaven

It is Not like a kid burning the ant with a magnifying glass

No, its was the Clear and Only way to return the Children to the Father

We had been stolen from the Father, thru lies and deception

The Father and His Word, were NOT going to let that stand

Scripture says Children are the Glory of the Parent

That is especially True here

You ARE the Fathers Glory, in all the Earth

Dearest One, Jesus saw you in the Father (all that you think you are, too) and CHOSE to be your Once, and Forever Sacrificial Lamb

Jesus Himself is The First Good Gift, from which all other Gifts Flow

Take Jesus, Right now, Take Joy, Take Communion…

It all starts with these Words…


Take your Rightful Place at the Table

Repeat these Words no matter how you feel or what you think


YOU ARE FORGIVEN EVERYTHING!!! (period. the end!)

Shine On!!!     Laurie

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Act of Faith pt 2

Taking Communion is an Action of Faith

We declare the Death of Jesus until He comes again

This statement is larger than the Words appear

We declare the Life and Death of the First Good Gift

Jesus, the Word of God made Flesh, and dwelt among us

Jesus crucified, died, buried,

Rose again on the Third Day

Jesus Himself Laying on the Fathers Feasting Table

Our Eating and Drinking of the Bread and The Cup

Charles Spurgeon stated, “We declare a Savior who died for men”

Bread and Wine are for men, not animals, nor angels

Jesus, as Sacrifice and Entrance to the Kingdom of God

Taking Communion asserts our belief in All Jesus IS and All He has done

It edifies our own minds

As well as a show of Faith to our Brethren, “You are not alone” in your beliefs

We also show a Savior above all power to a hurting and deceived world

The depth of meaning of Communion is Stunning in its Richness and Beauty

I encourage you, Dearest One, Take Communion

It is your very Own Gift

From This Gift, and All it comprises, all Good Gifts Flow

Declare your Savior, with Joy and Gusto, no need to be timid here

Take your Savior, Word become Flesh, Eat, Drink, Revel, Be Joyful!

Shine On!!!

Act of Faith pt 1

Taking Communion is…

An Act and a Declaration of Faith

We SPEAK when we take Communion

We affirm our belief in the Lord Jesus and His Finished Work

Faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God

Hearing about Jesus over and over and over

We show our un-re-newed self, each other, the world at large, and also Jesus and the Father, that we, no matter our actions or thinking, Believe!

Communion is for each of us, always

We have a Blood bought, God Given Right to come to the Table, whenever the need arises

There is always room for one more and always more than enough sustenance for All

The need for Gods Children to be fed for Faith is always Great

How wonderful that He has made Provision in His Over Abundant Ways

Dear One, Taking Communion bolsters our ability to chose Him

He is Happy to Feed you, even now in this moment

For you ARE His Cherished Prize!

Shine On!!!     Laurie

Communion IS Power

The Word of God, Jesus Himself, IS THE POWER of GOD!

Communion, and the Words, the Jesus we speak, while making the Action of Faith that IS Taking (Receiving, Accepting, Agreeing) Communion


Because this IS TRUTH, people have been swayed to leave this ACT OF FAITH on the shelf, only taking Communion once a month, once a year, etc.


It is as Ready and use-filled tool, as the Armor of God, only more so

Taking Communion Goes Direct to the Source of our Protection, which is what armor was made for

Communion takes the Direct path to Jesus and why we KNOW we are saved, and safe

The enemy of my soul (mind) wants me to shelve this idea


Even he knows and recognizes and bows to the POWER OF GOD

That is Communion, Declaring the Name of Jesus, AND

ALL that His Broken Body and Shed Blood accomplished in His Finished Work for US

I encourage you to ask Him, ask Him every question on your mind

Do not be afraid, He welcomes your questions with Open Arms (as it were)

I also encourage you to TAKE Communion


Its Yours, it is Your Praise and Weaponry

Shine On!!!     Laurie

Passing Over

(re-posted from Jan 7, 2015)

The “Passing Over”

Jesus and the disciples were celebrating the Passover.

Jesus was REMEMBERING, calling to mind, thinking of, speaking, and singing about the Passover.

The Passover (in part), is the “passing over” of the angel of death, over the House of Israel, Gods children, His chosen people, specifically due to the Blood of the Lamb on the doorposts.

It is the same for us when we take Communion, we REMEMBER our Passover Lamb by calling to mind, thinking of, speaking and singing about His Finished Work …

The Blood of the Lamb, which made us clean and keeps us safe

Jesus TOOK our sin, punishment, curse, condemnation, separation from God

Death and destruction, as a wage of sin, has been destroyed on our behalf

The curse as a penalty of all our choices in sin has been abolished

Because we are clean from sin and death, the Holy Spirit indwells us

Jesus is at home in us now, giving us His strength, wisdom, faith, and Truth

What a thought, what a revelation, death and destruction no longer have a right in my life! Death, lack and the curse, are all ways of stating the same thing, separation from God and His Blessing.

Lacking, dead or cursed… relationships, finances, health and on and on and on, are ABOLISHED! Judged and destroyed by Jesus Himself. Now that’s what I call Victory!!!

This is only a small taste of what was completed thru Jesus at the time of His Passion and Resurrection. Which is what we REMEMBER while taking Communion.

We are His Victory!

Shine On!!!     Laurie