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The Measuring Cup

(posted to Jesus is the Feast and Heavens Side of the Story)

The Cup, the Cup of the New Covenant, The Cup of the Forgiveness of ALL sin

This Cup has No Judgement, No curse, No destruction,

This Cup has Life, Love, Forgiveness, Power, Strength, Jesus Himself

It is our New Measuring Device

If a thought or a word does not measure up to the Shed Blood of Jesus, then it is not Truth!

We have been conditioned, to think we cannot be who God, and Jesus, and the Holy Spirit say we are

BUT GOD… Oh! How I Love those Words

They cause me to pause, to stop, and consider the Truth of the Person of Jesus

Jesus and God created a New Covenant, by which THEY Measure ALL THINGS

We can do it too! Actually we have the Right to Measure as hey do

Judge ourselves as Clean, in Right Standing with the Father, Healed, Restored, all the Promises True, Yes, and Amen!

We measure us, others, and circumstances thru the Finished Work of Jesus

No other thing can tell us the Truth except Jesus Shed Blood

So My Dearest One, no longer are you less than, or the one who doesn’t measure up

Your measuring device is the Broken Body and Shed Blood of Jesus

That is your Worth, Your Value, and ABSOLUTELY NOT any other thing

Jesus and the Father Measured you and This IS their Judgement…

You are a Treasure of Unsearchable value, Clean and Desirable in every way!

Shine On!!!     Laurie


Bread Declares War and Victory

When Jesus Took the Bread, He was Declaring…


Handing us the Bread of Life, He was Declaring…


He was showing He became the Master of the Bread

The Bread of Affliction, Curses, and Haste

Breaking the Bread signifies (in part) He Broke their (its) ability and power and authority over us

Having Broken the enemies ability, and power forever (never to be fixed or replaced)

Jesus turns to us with something NEW!

The Bread of Life

There had never been such a thing before

He hands us His Victory over the enemy

So too, as we Take the Bread of Communion , we are declaring so many things…

Our Agreement in Jesus Finished Work

That the Bread of affliction, curses, death, destruction is forever broken

Only the Bread of Life, The Person of Jesus has Power over us

We Agree to receive and accept all the Gifts that Jesus brings

Taking Communion is both a death knell of the enemy and …

Victory Bells of our Resurrection Life

Shine On!!!     Laurie

The Curse Passed Them By

In the history of the Exodus of Israel a.k.a The Children of God

The curses that plagued Egypt “Passed By” as in DID NOT TOUCH

The Children of God

This Grace, This Truth, was part of what Jesus was celebrating on the night of the Last Supper

He was Remembering! for us and for Him…

Gods Infinite Goodness

Jesus became the curse

Paying the Ultimate Price for my sins

Breaking the power of Any, and ALL curses from being able to have a “right” to come upon the Believer

Breaking the power of the curse which is sin, destruction and death

Leaving it without ability to inflict its “will or tradition” upon us

This is Freedom from Slavery and Bondage

It is in the Renewing of the Mind we are able to appreciate and take hold of this Truth

Jesus was gathering Truth unto Himself and giving it to us

Just as He gave us the Bread of Life

Shine On!!!     Laurie

Crushing Wounding and Chewing

Jesus was disfigured beyond the figure of a man

When God revealed this scripture to me I had just driven past some road kill and I could not identify the original animal

That is what Jesus looked like

He was bruised, crushed (as in chewed up), and wounded for my iniquity (which means lawlessness, like criminal behavior)

Communion asks that we crush or Chew the Bread of Life

Remembering He was Crushed beyond recognition as a human man

To Chew is to Meditate as well as to grind and crush

We Remind (spoiler alert: English lesson – to mind again, to be mindful again – re meaning over again) ourselves of the Truth of Who Jesus IS and ALL He has done

To Chew, to Meditate, to Remember, is to Renew (again be new) the mind

To Remember we are New in Mind, having the same Mind as Christ, meaning Anointed and having Faith and Trust in the Father, is to celebrate Communion

We change our minds perspective, giving Weight, and to the Truth that is Jesus Christ and His Finished Work, which leads to Thanksgiving

To Remember Jesus in Communion is to Renew the Mind and as we do so, He changes us from Glory to Glory, Victory after Victory

To Chew, To Meditate, to Remember, is to Honor, to give First Place, and have at the Forefront of our thinking, the Truth that IS Jesus Christ

Dear One, Your Salvation in near, even in your mouth that you will do it (all things Promised)

Celebrate by thinking on the acts of Communion, His and ours

Shine On!!!     Laurie

Meat, Drink, and Covenant Meals

JF Meat Drink and Covenant Meals                                   May 1, 2015

Definition of the Word Feast

Noun 1. a large meal, typically one in celebration of something.

Verb   2. eat and drink sumptuously (meaning: extremely costly, rich, luxurious, or magnificent)

It is the very Essence of Jesus, Communion, and Covenant

Jesus called Himself Meat and Drink, and repeated the statement several times, in many ways

Jesus is not only the Person representing Man in the Covenant

He is also the Meal that Celebrates the Covenant

Communion: as we share in this Meal, we are literally agreeing with ALL Jesus, the Father, and Holy Spirit intended for the New Covenant

We agree we are forgiven, we are the Righteousness of God, we are in Right Standing with the Father, They are alive in us now, the Promises are sure to us, we are a New Creation, we are a Royal King and Priesthood and so much more it would take a lifetime to name every Truth

This Meal Sealing and Celebrating the Covenant, this Feast, partaking of the very Life and Nature of Jesus the Son of God, and by His Word, God Himself, as evidenced by the Power of the Holy Spirit

This is Communion

Communion is not the Remembrance of being a worm and a sinner

No no a million times NO!

Communion in Jesus’ own Words, we are to Remember Him, His Finished Work, His Payment and Redemption of us in Full

No longer a worm but we are SON!

To Feast with Joy and Gratitude, Remembering ALL Jesus HAS DONE, this is the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, this is the Sealing Covenant Meal

Lavish and beyond all of our hopes is the Truth of this Meal

So Beloved, eat, drink and be joy filled, for you have been Redeemed into Sonship

You ARE Right now, no matter the thoughts or circumstances of your world, Joint Heir with Jesus

Shine On!!!     Laurie

Meat and Substance

Jesus said, I am Meat and Drink

Meat, substance, sacrifice, celebration

Drink, life itself (as in water), merriment

Jesus is all these and more

Being our very nourishment

Our very Life

Our way to Life and satisfaction

Jesus is the Very Gospel, the actual Good News

It is His Broken Body and Shed Blood that makes (if you will) the Good News possible

To eat of Jesus is to humble ourselves to a multitude of His Truths

He is Whole and our Wholeness comes directly from Him

We are in fact sustained in this life thru His indwelling of us

He is our actual breath, meat, drink, sustenance, and substance

Provision, Protection, Peace with God, a Hope, a Future, Goodness, and Mercy, all come from Jesus

Jesus is the Word, the Promise, the Provision of God

Jesus did not return void to the Father but accomplished all that He was sent to do

To eat, to drink, to feast, to have a Covenant Meal, a Marriage Supper (more next time)

So eat richly, drink heartily, for the Feast is yours

Shine On!!!     Laurie