Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Yup, and it has nothing to do with bathing, or housework

It is By His Blood we are clean, Holy, blameless, completely acceptable, in the Sight of The Just, and Holy, Righteous God

Jesus’ Blood, for us believers, has washed us cleaner than the driven (purest white) snow

Oh how the enemy has used these words to dog Gods Children

As a Believer in Jesus Christ and Him Crucified, we are pristine, virginal territory, as God sees us, a place (person) where our sins have been wiped out as they never existed

This being TRUTH, the curse, dis-ease, destruction, death, all things of the enemy and sin HAVE NO POWER, RIGHT, OR AUTHORITY, over the Believer

You have not sinned in the Eyes of God thru the Blood of Jesus

The curse causeless does not come, yup


Has Declared IN HIS BLOOD

I AM Sinless (YOU are Sinless)

Therefore, Dearest One

The curse is NOT yours

You ARE Clean

You ARE the Righteousness of God IN Christ Jesus

It’s the Shed Blood of Jesus, not us or our deeds

Shine On!     Laurie


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