Of Wheat and Grapes

Wheat and grapes crushed beyond recognition

No longer resembling their former selves, now Bread and Wine

Jesus crushed to smithereens, BY HIS CHOICE

This is the Immeasurable Gift, the Immeasurable Price

This is the Love by which He First Loved us

Remembering the Price Paid, the Ransom given

I am reminded that as far and exceeding as the Price WAS

It was done because of the Value God placed on Me and My Life

Jesus would tell you, He would do it again, To Bring YOU Home

This is Your Value, Your Worth, to the Creator of all the Universe

Dearest One, the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit find you of Great Worth

You are indeed a Treasure worth “selling all for” (like the man who found the pearl in the field)

Your worth and value are in the Eye of the Beholder, Jesus

And He has proven by the very price He paid, just how much a Treasure YOU ARE

Shine On!!!     Laurie

(posted to Jesus is the Feast and Heavens Side of the Story)


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