It Pleased the Father

It please the Father to bruise Him (Jesus)

And it Pleased Jesus to BE bruised

Proof that it was in Jesus’ Will to take the Divine Punishment, including the punishment of man…

You find it in His Words, I lay down My Life, NO ONE Takes it from Me…

That includes the Father

Jesus agreed to the Terms of the New Covenant

Long before there was a man

Lets be clear, Father God was NOT Happy to put Jesus thru the ordeal, on earth or in Heaven

It is Not like a kid burning the ant with a magnifying glass

No, its was the Clear and Only way to return the Children to the Father

We had been stolen from the Father, thru lies and deception

The Father and His Word, were NOT going to let that stand

Scripture says Children are the Glory of the Parent

That is especially True here

You ARE the Fathers Glory, in all the Earth

Dearest One, Jesus saw you in the Father (all that you think you are, too) and CHOSE to be your Once, and Forever Sacrificial Lamb

Jesus Himself is The First Good Gift, from which all other Gifts Flow

Take Jesus, Right now, Take Joy, Take Communion…

It all starts with these Words…


Take your Rightful Place at the Table

Repeat these Words no matter how you feel or what you think


YOU ARE FORGIVEN EVERYTHING!!! (period. the end!)

Shine On!!!     Laurie

(Posted to Jesus is the Feast and Heavens Side of the Story)


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