Act of Faith pt 2

Taking Communion is an Action of Faith

We declare the Death of Jesus until He comes again

This statement is larger than the Words appear

We declare the Life and Death of the First Good Gift

Jesus, the Word of God made Flesh, and dwelt among us

Jesus crucified, died, buried,

Rose again on the Third Day

Jesus Himself Laying on the Fathers Feasting Table

Our Eating and Drinking of the Bread and The Cup

Charles Spurgeon stated, “We declare a Savior who died for men”

Bread and Wine are for men, not animals, nor angels

Jesus, as Sacrifice and Entrance to the Kingdom of God

Taking Communion asserts our belief in All Jesus IS and All He has done

It edifies our own minds

As well as a show of Faith to our Brethren, “You are not alone” in your beliefs

We also show a Savior above all power to a hurting and deceived world

The depth of meaning of Communion is Stunning in its Richness and Beauty

I encourage you, Dearest One, Take Communion

It is your very Own Gift

From This Gift, and All it comprises, all Good Gifts Flow

Declare your Savior, with Joy and Gusto, no need to be timid here

Take your Savior, Word become Flesh, Eat, Drink, Revel, Be Joyful!

Shine On!!!


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