Act of Faith pt 1

Taking Communion is…

An Act and a Declaration of Faith

We SPEAK when we take Communion

We affirm our belief in the Lord Jesus and His Finished Work

Faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God

Hearing about Jesus over and over and over

We show our un-re-newed self, each other, the world at large, and also Jesus and the Father, that we, no matter our actions or thinking, Believe!

Communion is for each of us, always

We have a Blood bought, God Given Right to come to the Table, whenever the need arises

There is always room for one more and always more than enough sustenance for All

The need for Gods Children to be fed for Faith is always Great

How wonderful that He has made Provision in His Over Abundant Ways

Dear One, Taking Communion bolsters our ability to chose Him

He is Happy to Feed you, even now in this moment

For you ARE His Cherished Prize!

Shine On!!!     Laurie


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