The Measuring Cup

(posted to Jesus is the Feast and Heavens Side of the Story)

The Cup, the Cup of the New Covenant, The Cup of the Forgiveness of ALL sin

This Cup has No Judgement, No curse, No destruction,

This Cup has Life, Love, Forgiveness, Power, Strength, Jesus Himself

It is our New Measuring Device

If a thought or a word does not measure up to the Shed Blood of Jesus, then it is not Truth!

We have been conditioned, to think we cannot be who God, and Jesus, and the Holy Spirit say we are

BUT GOD… Oh! How I Love those Words

They cause me to pause, to stop, and consider the Truth of the Person of Jesus

Jesus and God created a New Covenant, by which THEY Measure ALL THINGS

We can do it too! Actually we have the Right to Measure as hey do

Judge ourselves as Clean, in Right Standing with the Father, Healed, Restored, all the Promises True, Yes, and Amen!

We measure us, others, and circumstances thru the Finished Work of Jesus

No other thing can tell us the Truth except Jesus Shed Blood

So My Dearest One, no longer are you less than, or the one who doesn’t measure up

Your measuring device is the Broken Body and Shed Blood of Jesus

That is your Worth, Your Value, and ABSOLUTELY NOT any other thing

Jesus and the Father Measured you and This IS their Judgement…

You are a Treasure of Unsearchable value, Clean and Desirable in every way!

Shine On!!!     Laurie


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