Bread Declares War and Victory

When Jesus Took the Bread, He was Declaring…


Handing us the Bread of Life, He was Declaring…


He was showing He became the Master of the Bread

The Bread of Affliction, Curses, and Haste

Breaking the Bread signifies (in part) He Broke their (its) ability and power and authority over us

Having Broken the enemies ability, and power forever (never to be fixed or replaced)

Jesus turns to us with something NEW!

The Bread of Life

There had never been such a thing before

He hands us His Victory over the enemy

So too, as we Take the Bread of Communion , we are declaring so many things…

Our Agreement in Jesus Finished Work

That the Bread of affliction, curses, death, destruction is forever broken

Only the Bread of Life, The Person of Jesus has Power over us

We Agree to receive and accept all the Gifts that Jesus brings

Taking Communion is both a death knell of the enemy and …

Victory Bells of our Resurrection Life

Shine On!!!     Laurie


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