The Curse Passed Them By

In the history of the Exodus of Israel a.k.a The Children of God

The curses that plagued Egypt “Passed By” as in DID NOT TOUCH

The Children of God

This Grace, This Truth, was part of what Jesus was celebrating on the night of the Last Supper

He was Remembering! for us and for Him…

Gods Infinite Goodness

Jesus became the curse

Paying the Ultimate Price for my sins

Breaking the power of Any, and ALL curses from being able to have a “right” to come upon the Believer

Breaking the power of the curse which is sin, destruction and death

Leaving it without ability to inflict its “will or tradition” upon us

This is Freedom from Slavery and Bondage

It is in the Renewing of the Mind we are able to appreciate and take hold of this Truth

Jesus was gathering Truth unto Himself and giving it to us

Just as He gave us the Bread of Life

Shine On!!!     Laurie


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