Crushing Wounding and Chewing

Jesus was disfigured beyond the figure of a man

When God revealed this scripture to me I had just driven past some road kill and I could not identify the original animal

That is what Jesus looked like

He was bruised, crushed (as in chewed up), and wounded for my iniquity (which means lawlessness, like criminal behavior)

Communion asks that we crush or Chew the Bread of Life

Remembering He was Crushed beyond recognition as a human man

To Chew is to Meditate as well as to grind and crush

We Remind (spoiler alert: English lesson – to mind again, to be mindful again – re meaning over again) ourselves of the Truth of Who Jesus IS and ALL He has done

To Chew, to Meditate, to Remember, is to Renew (again be new) the mind

To Remember we are New in Mind, having the same Mind as Christ, meaning Anointed and having Faith and Trust in the Father, is to celebrate Communion

We change our minds perspective, giving Weight, and to the Truth that is Jesus Christ and His Finished Work, which leads to Thanksgiving

To Remember Jesus in Communion is to Renew the Mind and as we do so, He changes us from Glory to Glory, Victory after Victory

To Chew, To Meditate, to Remember, is to Honor, to give First Place, and have at the Forefront of our thinking, the Truth that IS Jesus Christ

Dear One, Your Salvation in near, even in your mouth that you will do it (all things Promised)

Celebrate by thinking on the acts of Communion, His and ours

Shine On!!!     Laurie


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