Meat, Drink, and Covenant Meals

JF Meat Drink and Covenant Meals                                   May 1, 2015

Definition of the Word Feast

Noun 1. a large meal, typically one in celebration of something.

Verb   2. eat and drink sumptuously (meaning: extremely costly, rich, luxurious, or magnificent)

It is the very Essence of Jesus, Communion, and Covenant

Jesus called Himself Meat and Drink, and repeated the statement several times, in many ways

Jesus is not only the Person representing Man in the Covenant

He is also the Meal that Celebrates the Covenant

Communion: as we share in this Meal, we are literally agreeing with ALL Jesus, the Father, and Holy Spirit intended for the New Covenant

We agree we are forgiven, we are the Righteousness of God, we are in Right Standing with the Father, They are alive in us now, the Promises are sure to us, we are a New Creation, we are a Royal King and Priesthood and so much more it would take a lifetime to name every Truth

This Meal Sealing and Celebrating the Covenant, this Feast, partaking of the very Life and Nature of Jesus the Son of God, and by His Word, God Himself, as evidenced by the Power of the Holy Spirit

This is Communion

Communion is not the Remembrance of being a worm and a sinner

No no a million times NO!

Communion in Jesus’ own Words, we are to Remember Him, His Finished Work, His Payment and Redemption of us in Full

No longer a worm but we are SON!

To Feast with Joy and Gratitude, Remembering ALL Jesus HAS DONE, this is the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, this is the Sealing Covenant Meal

Lavish and beyond all of our hopes is the Truth of this Meal

So Beloved, eat, drink and be joy filled, for you have been Redeemed into Sonship

You ARE Right now, no matter the thoughts or circumstances of your world, Joint Heir with Jesus

Shine On!!!     Laurie


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