Meat and Substance

Jesus said, I am Meat and Drink

Meat, substance, sacrifice, celebration

Drink, life itself (as in water), merriment

Jesus is all these and more

Being our very nourishment

Our very Life

Our way to Life and satisfaction

Jesus is the Very Gospel, the actual Good News

It is His Broken Body and Shed Blood that makes (if you will) the Good News possible

To eat of Jesus is to humble ourselves to a multitude of His Truths

He is Whole and our Wholeness comes directly from Him

We are in fact sustained in this life thru His indwelling of us

He is our actual breath, meat, drink, sustenance, and substance

Provision, Protection, Peace with God, a Hope, a Future, Goodness, and Mercy, all come from Jesus

Jesus is the Word, the Promise, the Provision of God

Jesus did not return void to the Father but accomplished all that He was sent to do

To eat, to drink, to feast, to have a Covenant Meal, a Marriage Supper (more next time)

So eat richly, drink heartily, for the Feast is yours

Shine On!!!     Laurie


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