Of Cups and Measuring

When Jesus gave us the Cup of His Shed Blood

He said, “When you drink this Cup, do it Remembering Me”

Remember all He accomplished as mans representative in the New Covenant

Remember there is a new measurement for you, a new judgement (if you will)

You are forgiven, you are in Right standing with the Father, you are in Heaven right now, face front and forward with the True Living God

No longer worm, or sinner

No longer a slave, owned by the enemy of your soul (mind), the principality of the air

You have been Redeemed

The Cup of Jesus Shed Blood Declares your Righteousness in Him for all time,

Regardless of how you think you are doing in your daily life or your faith walk

Learning this new form of measurement is difficult for a human, because it has been ingrained in us, that we are forever worms

Both can not be Truth

Jesus Blood is the Proof of the Truth of your Forever Forgiveness and Righteousness

Dear One, take Communion, Remember the New Measurement of who you are…

One with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

Judging yourself Forgiven and pleasing to the Father is the Good Fight of Faith

It is the only acceptable form of judgement left to a believer

And is the ultimate form of humility, agreeing with the authority over you, God Himself, and what He declares you to be

Beloved, no matter what ails you, Jesus Shed Blood is the Highest, Purest, Highest Priced, and Most Effective medicine we can take, and it is given freely

So take the Cup, receive and agree with ALL the Cup represents, for it IS yours!

Shine On!!!     Laurie


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