The Power of Thanks

Communion never ceases to amaze me

For example, the bread and wine, and how it was changed into…

Something Completely Different,

After Jesus gave Thanks to the Father

The scripture says He gave Thanks, then turned to the disciples (us) and gave

He gave the same piece of bread He took, and the same cup He took, they looked no different

Yet He called them by different Names

They had changed in both meaning and substance

This is My Body Broken for You

This is My Blood Shed for You

No longer representing just the old but the New

The New Covenant

The New Birth

The New Relationship with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

Jesus gave Thanks, even knowing what was about to happe, and all He would suffer at the hand of men for all men

We can do the same in our everyday lives

Being Grateful changes the atmosphere

It tangibly changes the very substances in our midst, even if they look the same

Change has come about, thru Gratitude

Shine On!!!     Laurie


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