Of Kings and Priests

As Believers in the Person of Jesus Christ and His Finished Work

We KNOW that He is in Heaven and Healed

No longer on the Cross, in the Grave, or in Hell

Risen and Seated at the Right and of the Father

Which is also our place

As a Believer we have been made a King and Priest

We can have / take Communion anytime we have the need/ urge

No longer relegated to a doctrine of only on the first Sunday, or Sundays, or in some congregations never

Communion and the Remembering of our Personal Rights bought and paid for by the Broken Body and Shed Blood, and Resurrection of Jesus is IMPERATIVE

Not just when in trouble but always

It used to be people received Communion Daily

How strengthen they must have felt approaching their day

How unified with Jesus and His Leading (by the Holy Spirit), and Power

There is Health and Healing and Power in Communion

It reminds us, begs us to Remember, we are no longer sinner worms

BUT RISEN and Seated with Him in Heavenly places

No curse, no destruction, no condemnation, no reason to fear

It grounds my mind and my Faith when I take Communion and I start with the Words

“Jesus, on the night you were betrayed, you were celebrating Passover, the passing over, the passing by of destruction and death, past the Children of Israel, the Children of God”

To Remember destruction, curse, affliction, death have been judged and broken, rendered powerless

As a King and a Priest I can Speak Remembrance and uplift my spirit and my mind unto the Lord!

What a GIFT!!!

Serve Him and yourself Today, Remember…Remember

Shine On!!!     Laurie


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