Take This Cup

Jesus asks us, guides us, directs us to…

Take this Cup and Drink it

On our part it is the act of agreeing and receiving

As we take the Cup of the New Covenant, the Cup of Life, the Cup of Salvation

It is an act of affirmation

We affirm, agree with all that the Shed Blood of Jesus has done

We agree we are forgiven

We agree we have new life

We agree we are in a New Covenant Relationship with Him

We agree that all HE did He has given to us, and we are now in complete possession of it (that’s not to say we understand it all, yet)

Drinking the Cup is a legally required act in a Blood Covenant

It is what binds us together

It is what allows us to have the same Rights and Right Standing with The Father that Jesus has

Take this Cup and Drink it…

Shine On!!!     Laurie


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