He Gave the Cup

Jesus turned and gave the Cup to the Disciples…

Such Power in those Words

Jesus having taken the Cup of Judgement and the Old Covenant now hands DIRECTLY to the Disciples the Cup

It is Now and Forever the Cup of Life, the Cup of the New Covenant, The Cup of the Forgiveness of sins FOR ALL MEN… (if you are a human this includes you!)

There is no barrier between us anymore, Jesus hands the Cup to every Believer

It is a ONE on ONE Relationship

A disciple is a student, a learner

Jesus reaching thru time and space just as with the Bread, brings all things to Himself in the Present

He was Handing the Cup to You and Me


It is the physical representation of the Truth of our standing in the New Covenant

There was nothing and no one who was standing between Jesus and His Beloved that night, so too now with Jesus and you, Jesus and me

No time, no distance, no behavior, no thought, no enemy was in between them

Jesus was and IS Always, Face Front and Forward in our every moment

And He Gave THE Cup

Not just any Cup, but the Cup of Life, the Cup of Everlasting Life, the Cup of the Forgiveness of ALL sins, the Cup of the NEW Covenant

HE is handing YOU the Cup Right Now, can you hear Him

…Take this Cup

Shine On!!!     Laurie


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