Thanking the Father for The Cup

Jesus WILLINGLY TOOK the Cup, and I must add KNOWINGLY

He knew and understood what was involved in accepting the Cup of Creator Judge Gods, Cup of Judgement and Righteous Wrath

Jesus was in NO WAY surprised nor swayed by the magnitude

And He Gave Thanks…

He THANKED the Father, ( I pause as these words wash over me yet again)

He Thanked the Father for all that had already been done to keep Gods Children Safe

Namely the blood of bulls and goats

Yet Jesus was also Thanking the Father for His (Jesus’) Ability to give the Father His Children back once and for ALL (based on Heb 12:2)

The clue is the scripture that states Jesus went to the Cross “for the Joy set before Him”

What Joy?!

The Joy of reuniting a doting Father to the Child(ren) He Loves

Jesus took the Cup Giving Thanks…

Shine On!!!     Laurie


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