His Broken Body

Jesus was giving… He gave

Jesus hands the Bread of Life to us

He is giving the Gift to me

I need to take it, as well

I need to receive it

But how?

By speaking the Word over and over and over

We are Kings and Priests

Just because our minds need to be re-newed does not negate this Truth

Its sounds so anti-climactic doesn’t it

To speak the Words of Communion

But that is exactly the Prescription from our Healer

Remember Me, Remember what I have shown you here, Remember My Finished Work, Remember Who I say you are and why I am able to say it

To Remember is a Covenant term, it doesn’t mean it was forgotten…

It means to bring to the forefront of your mind, to meditate, chew on, eat, and speak

To Eulogize, to Speak well of One who has died (although He is not dead now)

As I speak the Word, my faith is built up

My ears hear the Word and Faith comes

Jesus was handing Me His Entire Self in that Broken Bread – now the Bread of Life

All that He has and All that He is, His entire Character and ways of operation

That is what we speak, that is what we eulogize

That is what we Give Thanks for

Shine On!!!     Laurie


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