The Broken Body: First Things First

Jesus celebrating the Passover in the Last Supper, was prescribed long before He was going to eat of it

God in His infinite Wisdom chose the order, by which all have celebrated

To that end, Jesus Body had to be broken for His Blood to be spilt

Every scourge, every fist, every thorn

Brought forth the issue of Blood, His Blood

It is by no accident or whim on the part of the Father, that this is the order of things

So as Jesus turns and gives us the Broken Bread of Affliction, now the Bread of Life

We begin the connection that forever links the Broken Body and Blood of Jesus

They are inseparable, when you speak of one you also speak of the other

It is the case for all Communion

If we speak of the Bread of Affliction, then we also Remember it has become the Bread of Life

If we Remember what was Broken then we also Remember what was “fixed” (given)

Jesus handed the Bread of Life to me, and you, and the disciples

Saying (as He heard the Father say)

Take, eat: this is my body, which is broken for you: this do in remembrance of me.

His Body Broken as it took the punishment for my sin, which is the curse, death, hell, grave, separation from the Father (affliction, haste, sickness, lack, etc…)

Jesus took my name and therefore, took my punishment

The Great Exchange

This is what the Broken Body says

We died with Christ, we are Risen in Christ

He, as a part of the New Covenant, took my name as surely as if we had been married, because in His and the Fathers eyes We WERE

Jesus took my name, my punishment, and gave me His Name, His Victory, His Reward, His Right Standing with the Father

Jesus isn’t JUST handing a piece of baked wheat

He is handing me Himself, completely, without reservation or demand

He gave

Shine On!!!     Laurie


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