Broken Body and Blood of Jesus

(posted to both Jesus is the Feast and Heavens Side of the Story)

Jesus’ Broken Body is where the Shed Blood issued from (except in the Garden of Gethsemane)

It spilt on the earth, this is important to note because

The Blood Speaks…

In Genesis, we learned that, because God said Gen 4:10 … the voice of thy brother’s blood crieth unto me from the ground.

Now Jesus’ Blood is calling to us to Remember


You are Righteous, He paid it all

You are washed clean forever, He paid it all

You are a Son, He paid it all

You are seated in Heavenly places, He paid it all

You are Blessed with every Spiritual Blessing, He paid it all

Every time Jesus Bled, He broke the power of death, hell, the grave, separation from the Father, haste, curse, lack and many other things

Jesus’ Blood from His Broken Body fell on the earth

It calls out for us to Know we are Sons

It never cries out shame or condemnation

Jesus and His Blood are alive and well, in Heaven

You are alive and well, within Him, just as He Promised

Dear One, Know you ARE a Well Beloved Son, in whom the Father has no anger nor argument!

Because of the Broken Body and shed Blood of Jesus!

Shine On!!!     Laurie


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