Giving Thanks

Jesus gave Thanks

To who?

The Father

The Fathers plan was being carried out, just as it had been at the time of Moses

No matter what anyone else understood or thought they saw, Jesus was fulfilling the Plan, the Plan that was made Before the Beginning of the World

Jesus, who had said He was looking forward to THIS meal, was excited

Why? For He alone understood the significance we struggle to catch

Jesus during this meal was reaching back in time and forward in time, bringing all things together, in the Present

He was Remembering the Faithfulness of the Father to the previous Plan, He was Remembering the Fathers Faithfulness to this Plan, and He was Remembering the Fathers Faithfulness for the Plan yet to come

Jesus did not go to the Cross kicking and screaming, for the Joy set before Him He endured the Cross, He went willingly

He did not approach it in sorrow, but in Faith, not that it was easy

He was also Commemorating/ Remembering the Meal yet to come, the Marriage Feast

The breadth and depth of Communion may never be fully extolled in this world, so great and full is every gesture, every syllable

Jesus Thanked the Father for the blood of bulls and goats for it had kept the children safe til now

He Thanked the Father that He, Jesus was ABLE to be the Final Sacrifice

Jesus Thanked the Father for the ability to face what was about to happen, the plan to restore the Children to their Rightful Father

Think if you found a lost child, weeping, frightened, battered, hungry, and were able to give that child back to its parents… THIS is what made Jesus Joyful and determined

He got to be THAT PERSON for God

And as Jesus gave Thanks for this and SO SO much more

The Bread of Affliction He had broken

Now became The Bread of Life

His Life

Shine On!     Laurie


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