Jesus at the Table

As Jesus and His disciples ate the Passover Feast, they were REMEMBERING.

They Remembered Gods Word, His Promise, and His Performance of those promises.

They spoke the words, prayers, and songs of their ancestors, of the ties to The Almighty God, of answered prayer, of deliverance.

These things had a new and special meaning for Jesus that none around Him even began to suspect.

Not only was He celebrating what had been, He was also celebrating what was about to be, as He became The Passover Lamb.

How it thrills me to think of Him at that table, serious yet joy filled, at the prospect of the end of the Finished Work. How, as He was speaking the old words, He was also prophesying the New Covenant!

How every word and bite had double meaning to Him, one under the old covenant, and one in the new. He even had said He was looking forward to this celebration with them!

Remembering the Finished Work of the New Covenant is exactly Jesus’ point of view as we press into the details of the meal…

Shine On!     Laurie


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