Speaking Eating Communing

To commune.

To speak well of Jesus is a portion of what we do at Communion.

One of the ideas behind communion is to be present with…

As in, to be at a feast table with, in this case, Jesus Himself.

Communing is fellowship. Fellowship is talking (out loud), just like with us and our family and friends over coffee or a meal.

To take Communion is choosing to speak well of Jesus, remembering all He has done, and speaking about His finished work with Him.

It IS great medicine to our heat scorched souls (mind, will, and emotions).

It is the Living water, Bread of Life and the Blood of the New Covenant, which is the forgiveness of sin, and so much more.

To “eat” of Jesus the Bread of Life, is to think, consider, meditate, chew, on His Finished Work, His Words and Resurrection.

We do that as we take Communion and speak the words we know so well…

Shine On!     Laurie


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