The “Passing Over”

On the night He was betrayed, Jesus and the disciples were celebrating the Passover.

Jesus was REMEMBERING, calling to mind, thinking of, speaking, and singing about the Passover.

The Passover (in part), is the “passing over” of the angel of death, over the House of Israel, Gods children, His chosen people, specifically due to the Blood of the Lamb on the doorposts.

It is the same for us when we take Communion, we REMEMBER our Passover Lamb by calling to mind, thinking of, speaking and singing about His Finished Work …

The Blood of the Lamb, which made us clean and keeps us safe

Jesus TOOK our sin, punishment, curse, condemnation, separation from God

Death and destruction, as a wage of sin, has been destroyed on our behalf

The curse as a penalty of all our choices in sin has been abolished

Because we are clean from sin and death, the Holy Spirit indwells us

Jesus is at home in us now, giving us His strength, wisdom, faith, and Truth

What a thought, what a revelation, death and destruction no longer have a right in my life! Death, lack and the curse, are all ways of stating the same thing, separation from God and His Blessing.

Lacking, dead or cursed… relationships, finances, health and on and on and on, are ABOLISHED! Judged and destroyed by Jesus Himself. Now that’s what I call Victory!!!

This is only a small taste of what was completed thru Jesus at the time of His Passion and Resurrection. Which is what we REMEMBER while taking Communion.

We are His Victory!



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