Bible Study Method of First Mention

Breads first mention

One bible study technique is to find the first instance in the bible where that word is used because there you will find the special significance of the word and usually Gods primary thought process whenever that word is used elsewhere in the bible. The first time the word bread is used is in
Gen 3:19 By the sweat of your brow shall you eat bread

Toil: God is saying that from here on in they are going to have to work to eat, because they tried to provide for themselves they had lost His over abundant Provision. They are going to have to toil and to fight to put bread on the table. They will have to fight so hard that they will sweat. Sounds like what we do every day when we go to work.
So, led by the Holy Spirit I took that understanding of the word bread and I applied it to Jesus and the breaking of the bread at the Last Supper, where He took the Bread, giving thanks, broke and gave it to His disciples saying “This is My Body Broken for you…”
Breaking the bread turned into breaking the fight of it all. He broke the fight of earning to put bread on the table ourselves and this was the symbolism of the Blessing of the Garden of Eden, the Blessing of Abraham being brought alive in Christ for those who believe, have faith in the finished work of Jesus at the Cross.
It doesn’t mean we no longer “go to work” it does however, mean our job is not our source. We have been transitioned; from having to achieve only by the sweat of our brow, to being led by God to do as He asks so He can be our Provision, our Single Source.
When Jesus broke the bread He was using symbolism to show us several things all at once.
He was taking heaven by force (He was tearing the veil that stood between man and God)
He was breaking the fight to feed ourselves
He showed how He was about to be battered
He was using the OT scriptures to show us the Reality of His deliverance of us from our bondage


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