David and the Exodus

Davids use of Exodus

We are going to stick with the exodus but we are going to change the vantage point from which we see it, to King David’s in the Psalms. I am always amazed at how many times David repeats the story, the testimony of the exodus. In at least 13 of the Psalms David brings to remembrance the mighty work of His God, our God, in the deliverance of His people Israel specifically, and numerous times as a note, not recalling the entire testimony. In many of the Psalms David starts out with; God I’m in trouble, I’m struggling; my faith is weak, my thoughts and circumstances are getting the better of me.
As David speaks to the Father he begins to remind himself of the work that God has already accomplished thru the exodus. He reminds himself, brings to remembrance, and speaks to himself about all the God of his Fathers had done for Israel. We know David and the Israelites of his day spoke these things aloud because many of them were songs. David even declares in Psa 77:12 I will meditate also of all thy work, and talk of thy doings.
Why? Why declare the work of God? Why not declare just as many times, a mighty of work of God from his own life? Why the determination to continually recall, speak out the work of God at the Exodus? It is because it was a foreshadow of what we have today in Christ. Our release from bondage and SO much more.


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