The Exodus


At the exodus from Egypt, when the Israelites sat at the table that night before being released from Egypt and their slavery (bondage, burdens and yokes), what do you suppose they talked about, how did they encourage one another, did they encourage one another? No way every one of them had faith to move a mountain, every human is the same. Can you imagine some of the conversations, and how they spoke to one another of the Word they had received from God. They all knew about the plagues, they watched them from their back doors They spoke to one another, reminding each other as the fear came, and went that night, waiting for death to pass by, would it pass by? They had no Psalms to comfort themselves with, they had no experience outside of the most current ones watching the plagues come from God against Egypt and themselves being spared. What they did not realize and really only becomes apparent to us as we do read the Psalms, what they were doing when they were encouraging each other and reminding themselves of all they had seen, they were speaking the Truth of God over their lives.

It was their remembrance of the power they had already seen that gave them the courage to continue to stay put, in one place depending upon what must have seemed to them, a ridiculously small amount of lambs blood on the doorposts of their homes. You tell me… Put yourself in their position. You are instructed by a reputable source that someone in your house will die unless you put this Lambs Blood on the door. How likely are you to stay in the house? Do you suppose all of them thought how impossible it is for a little blood to stop the death. How many of us would have left town trying to get away ahead of the disaster? Can you even imagine the level of fear and doubt that must have permeated Goshen that night.

They spoke to each other, they held each other’s hands, they were brought together by the prescription of a special meal. No one was to be alone, ever notice that the Father was so careful for His precious children, that He didn’t want even one to face the terrors of that night alone (you are NOT alone). Even more than that, the very small families were to be brought into the larger ones, the reason given was so the Lamb might be shared and none wasted. So the Lamb would be shared and none wasted. What a powerful statement! Say it out loud “so the Lamb would be shared and none wasted.” What a remarkable insight into the life of a believer…we will revisit this statement later in the book.

You can read about this meal in Exodus 12. I realize that the conversations of the Israelites are not included in the scriptures but as the Bible teaches us, each man is the same and sometimes what is not said speaks just as loudly as what is stated.

God, because of course He IS God, could have done any number of things to free the children of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He could have smote every person in Egypt and just let the Israelites take over that land, but He did not. He had bigger better plans, plans that required an act of faith from the Israelites to sit still under the Blood of the Lamb, with imperfect faith waiting to see who would be dead or alive in the morning.

And a plan to show His faithfulness, love, protection and covenant to them, that He alone was dependable. These people were slaves. They knew no goodness, no Sabbath, no rules of Law on how to behave. They did not know their God, their Deliverer. Yet in PS 105 it says specifically that as they left Egypt none of them was feeble. They had eaten the Passover meal, they had made it thru the night, as they left Goshen, none were sick, lame or even I dare say afraid (in that moment, they did become fearful soon after, but that’s another story). Father God had, thru the exodus established forever the Communion.

NOTE: Please remember God honors honest doubt, ask Him about these things, He will answer!


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