What Feast? Part 2

Psalm 23:5 talks about the Lord preparing a table, a feast for us in the presence of our enemies and that we are anointed with oil, and our cup runneth over. I believe the writer was talking about our condition after the death and resurrection of Jesus. Our cup running over is the cup of the new and everlasting covenant as well as how forgiven we are. The anointed with oil, of course is the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. And last, but not least the table, the banquet, the feast set for us IN the presence of our enemies.

The only time we are in the presence of our enemy is here, in the now moments, of our earthly life. Jesus removes our enemy from our presence according to the Book of Revelations. The table refers to a feast, a Kings Feast. God is setting the Table, therefore it is His Table, the Kings Table. At the Kings Table only the best is served and they do not run out of the good stuff, including dessert (side note: that’s one reason Jesus turned the water into such a spectacular wine, God would never provide second best).

Communion is The Lords Supper, His Feast, His Table, His Banquet. At this table is an unrelenting amount of goodness, of supply, and of Joy.  This is what we shall discover as we read Jesus’ own Words about Himself.

Think about a favorite family gathering and the spread of food, laughter, and conversation. This is what is implied when we talk about a feast and it is even more true in heaven than here on earth.

I am extremely blessed with the family we have. We have our very favorite foods and when we get together to “break bread” we are in Communion with each other. We talk , we connect, we laugh. There is never a dull moment and we share our time and food equally. And inevitably, we reminisce about events gone by.

This is only a part of the idea of a feast, how much more so if you are at the table with your doting Father, who as it turns out, is ONLY concerned with your happiness. This is not to say God is not Just, Righteous and Holy. It is exactly because He IS those things that make this all the more Truth and we shall see this proven by His Word on our journey.


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